Circular Knitting Needles, with Bonuses, Natural Wood



The KnitPal Difference

Circular knitting needles give you access to a world of crafting possibilities! They give you the power to knit in the round and create seamless sweaters and beautiful socks, or knit flat and make large afghans or chunky blankets a cuddly reality. But not all circular knitting needles are created equal. Most have cords that snap in no time, rough joins that lead to annoying snagging, and fake wood that feels uncomfortable in the hand.

We take the premium route instead with:

?A heavy-duty plastic cord that confidently holds the weight of chunky creations.

?Needles with a super-smooth finish and well-crafted points for fast knitting.

?Real, natural oak wood that is warm, lightweight, and great for knitters with arthritis.

?Snag-free joints that allow the yarn to glide seamlessly from needle to cord.

?Laser-etched US sizes that make switching between needles a hassle-free affair.

Made with Love

KnitPal is a product of passion. We?re obsessed with knitting, and our supplies reflect this love through uncompromising quality and craftsmanship. When you join our ever-growing family, you get to experience stellar customer service and support you can only find from a US-based company founded by passionate knitters just like you.

Here are more reasons to love KnitPal:

?We?re the only company that offers an extended 365-day guarantee.

?A portion of our profits is donated to the ?For the Children of Pine Ridge Conservation?.

?The oak wood ends are thoughtfully sized at 5.5? each for knitting comfort.

?Every knitting needle comes with a free eBook full of helpful tips for beginners.

?Customer access to the KnitPal online lounge where you get advice and inspiration.

Don?t settle for less. Get a smooth and sturdy circular knitting needle at a price you?ll love!

  • ✅ DESIGNED TO LAST: Jumbo wooden circular knitting needles that complement the chunkiest of projects! Unlike other circular needles that snap, ours stand out with a reinforced plastic cord.
  • ✅ KNIT MUCH FASTER: Our chunky wood knitting needles combine a smooth finish and a snag-free connection for seamless gliding of yarn. Available in multiple lengths and sizes.
  • ✅ WARM AND LIGHTWEIGHT: KnitPal oversize wooden round knitting needles have natural oak wood ends that each measure 5.5”. The result? A lovely, organic feel that’s comfortable even in arthritic hands.
  • ✅ GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: These big circular needles for knitting have laser-etched US sizes, come with an info-rich ‘Knitting for Beginner’s’ eBook, and access to our online knitting lounge.
  • ✅ WE LOVE SUPPORTING CHARITIES: Circular needles knitting that makes a major difference. We donate a portion of our profits to ‘For the Children of Pine Ridge Reservation’. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and make an impact while enjoying our worry-free 365-day guarantee!