KnitPal 16-inch (40cm) Aluminum Knitting Needles Sets



Expand your Imagination

No more being limited by short knitting needles! Whether you want to knit a large blanket in the flat or tackle a huge number of stitches, our 16? extra-long metal knitting needles give you the power to match your colossal imagination, all without compromising on speed or comfort.

In signature KnitPal fashion, you?re in for a smile-sparking mix of value and quality. Every set includes 3 (16?) long knitting needles in a variety of size. Choose between a 3-pair set or 15-pair set and bring that large project to life.

Here are more reasons to love our extra-long needles:

- Made of lightweight Aluminum for enhanced knitting comfort.

- Great for older knitters and anyone with arthritis.

- Smooth and well-pointed for better speed and accuracy.

- Suitable for both beginners and experienced knitters.

- Perfect points, flawlessly tapered ? ideal for all yarns and every project


Made with Love

KnitPal is a product of passion. We?re obsessed with knitting, and our supplies reflect this love through uncompromising quality and craftsmanship. When you join our ever-growing family, you get to experience stellar customer service and support you can only find from a US-based company founded by passionate knitters just like you.

Here?s what makes KnitPal unique:

- We?re the only company that offers an extended 365-day guarantee.

- A portion of our profits is donated to charities who teach kids to knit in disadvantaged areas. 

- Every knitting needle comes with a free eBook full of helpful tips for beginners.

- Customer access to the KnitPal online lounge where you get advice and inspiration.

- Free access to win a Monthly Yarn Giveaway

Go ahead, get your extra-long needles and take your love for knitting to the next level!

  • ✅- NEEDLE SIZES COMPLETE: At here, you will find every size in 16-inch extra-long straight needles from 0-17 (2-12mm). They make knitting large items in the flat a comfy reality.
  • ✅- BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: A variety of 3-pair or 15-pair sets are available to suit your projects and budget. Each set comes with 6 free yarn needles valued at $4, an info-rich Ebook - Knitting Guide for Beginners, and Free access to KnitPal’s online support community.
  • ✅- SMOOTH AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Our long Aluminum needles for knitting reduce strain on your wrists thanks to the lightweight hollow construction – great for knitters with arthritis.
  • ✅- BEST GIFT: Perfect for knitters, crocheters, and crafters on any special occasions. These long straight needles are presentable and wrap-ready.
  • ✅- WE LOVE GIVING BACK: Knitting supply kits that make a major difference. We donate a portion of our profits to charities who teach kids to knit. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and make an impact while enjoying our worry-free 365-day guarantee!