KnitPal Knitting Needles Sock Set


Express Creativity with KnitPal's Incredible Metal Circular Knitting Needles 

KnitPal circular knitting needles combine high-grade stainless steel and beautiful design to enhance your knitting experience. Making socks knitting and knitting in the round as easy as ABC. 

About the Brand 

At KnitPal, knitting is in our DNA and we are passionate about helping others experience the joy of knitting. Based in California, we offer affordable knitting tools. Become a part of a generous community, where everyone feels welcome and join us as we knit for a better world.

About the Product 


Sustainable and chip-resistant stainless-steel needles.

Light and Flexible

Lightweight needles reduce hand strain.

Well-Engineered Tips

High-quality tips for easy knitting.

Lifetime Use

Sturdy and break-resistant material ensures long-lasting design. 

  • Zero sheddings and discoloring
  • No disconnection
  • No worries!

More reasons to love KnitPal: 

  • Welcoming online support community
  • Free Sock Knitting Guide Ebook
  • Access to Monthly Yarn Giveaway
  • Lifetime warranty  

Technical Details 

  • Brand: KnitPal
  • Two Lengths: 16 and 24 inches 
  • One tip in 16-inch: 3 ?? 
  • One tip in 24-inch: 5 ??

  • ✅ PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: KnitPal with its durable metal circular needles is the ideal knitting set for beginners and expert’s alike. The 2 Circulars Method allows beginners to excel at sock knitting.  It also includes a comprehensive e-book perfect for guiding beginners on their journey.
  • ✅ UNBREAKABLE JOINT AND FLEXIBLE CABLE: The circular knitting needles boast break-resistant stainless-steel needles secured with the help of a quality braided cord. The premium quality join between the needles and cable is super strong and smooth.  Plus, these neither snag nor fray on your yarns.
  • ✅ BUDGET-FRIENDLY: Each set of KnitPal's metal circular knitting set contains 12 pieces of optimum quality needles. Moreover, the pack contains six sizes, to ensure you can enjoy all sock yarn. The sizes include 0/2mm, 1/2.25mm,1.5/2.5mm, 2/2.75mm, 3/3.25mm and 4/3.5mm.
  • ✅ INDULGE IN YOUR PASSION: KnitPal's out-of-the-world knitting packs feature cabled knitting needles that perform optimally on every kind yarn. Perfect for sock knitting, these metal needles allow you to indulge in your passion for knitting TWO socks at a time. No More Second Sock Syndrome.
  • ✅ ENJOY LIFETIME WARRANTY: Our manufacturers put their day and night into crafting these stellar needle sets. Thus, we're 100% confident in the quality of all our products. After the 30-day return policy of Amazon ends, we offer free replacements forever.