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Cotton to the Core - Snuggly yarn with fuzzy halo

Tweed Twinkles - The perfect choice for baby knitting and crochet projects

Wool Wonders - Fabulous range of bright, self-stripping colors, perfect for high-impact cold weather garments and accessories

Retro-Glam - An ultra-sleek yarn with a smooth, cashmere-like softness

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Meet KnitPal’s new yarn collections!

Soft yarn perfect for baby knitting and crochet projects.

Soft, fuzzy and durable for all your knitting and crochet projects.

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At KnitPal, we offer all the tools you need for your next (or first) project - whether it’s dish cloths, scarves, socks or sweaters.

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Pleasantly pleased!

Smooth and sturdy, these needles were surprisingly well made. I wanted to wait to do a review until I had cast on and knit a few rows because I have had circular needles that were rough or come apart. Not only were there no problems but the needle case was nice and cute.


Regina Y. Raiford Babcock

Really nice hooks

Long time crochet enthusiast and always looking for new techniques so when I bought these for learning Tunisian crochet I was apprehensive because I'm familiar only with metal hooks. I really like these hooks; the hooks are sturdy and nicely made. The best thing about these hooks are that they are the same size hook on each end AND you can roll them in your fingers when your hooking your work. Every needle worker needs this for efficiency and gage. I can't do that as well with metal needles because they don't bend.


Patricia N.

Great product and a great price.

Package to arrived a day early and packaged well. Includes a soft drawstring bag. I find it better to leave them out so that the cord stays straighter. All crochet hooks were in excellent condition and smooth. A file is included if needed to prevent snags. I’ve used two of the hooks so far and I’ve had no difficulties.



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We also offer free ebooks with every purchase. 

●    How To Tunisian Crochet

●    Knitting Guide For Beginners

●    Sock Knitting Guide

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Show love for others by knitting​! Knit a blanket for a newborn, a hat for a friend going through chemo, or a pair of socks for a child in a shelter​. We are proud to support you in your creative projects!

Discover KnitPal Tunisian Hooks

These double-ended hooks are smooth, warm and comfortable -- and open up a whole world of possibilities:

●    Reversible

●    Seamless

●    Crochet in-the-round

●    Multicolor

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