Hi, I’m Casey, Founder and chief knitter here at KnitPal.

As a young girl in China, I grew up watching my mother knit and crochet. She was amazingly talented and would create beautiful pieces for me. She used to knit after dinner - that’s how she spent free time and relaxed, but it was also a necessity. At that time, money was tight and families often made their own clothes. My mom always looked so happy when she was knitting and crocheting, and as I looked at her, I felt and knew that she loved me.

People who knit don’t usually knit for themselves, but for others. It’s not about the piece itself but what it represents, as a tremendous amount of love and effort goes into it. Creating something special for another is a way of saying “I love you.”

When I launched KnitPal, I wanted to create a place where everyone can experience the joy of knitting, without the stress. I also wanted to serve every generation of crafters with tools for every project idea. I am humbled and excited to watch the KnitPal Community grow as I strive to bring you the tools and supplies to make creating a joyful experience.

--Casey, founder

A place for every crafter

We believe that anyone can knit or crochet something beautiful and functional to express themselves! Whether you are man or woman, young or young at heart, “good at crafts” or not, you can create a handcrafted piece that speaks to who you are.

Here at KnitPal, we don't think that you have to be an expert to be a part of the knitting community. You are welcome here, whether you speak “yarn” or not!

You want to share the love. So do we!

That’s why we support charities knitting for others. Our donations have helped knit stuffed animals and blankets for children in crisis and people with special needs.

A portion of profits goes to one of these charities:

Join us in helping others.