KnitPal Retro-Glam

Rich, Dazzling Metallic Colors


No Splitting

Easy Care

KnitPal Retro - Glam is an ultra - sleek yarn with a smooth, cashmere - like softness

Retro-Glam’s fine chainette construction of polyester netting with a fuzzy acrylic core crafts silken knit and crocheted items with a high sheen, light airiness, and a delicate halo. Its lush, super-soft feel and brilliant, dazzling colors lend it well to sophisticated garments and rich home accents.

Lustrous Metallic with Silky Feel

Retro-Glam is a shiny metallic yarn with a super-soft, airy feel and a glossy sheen. A blend of 57%acrylic, 43% polyestergives Retro-Glam a smooth,sleek feel and delicate drape.

Generous Yardage

4 skeins per pack. Each skein contains 262yards/100g for a total of 1,048 yards/400g per pack.

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