12 Christmas Presents that will make everyone go, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

12 Christmas Presents that will make everyone go, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"


The saying goes; good things come in small packages. However, good things come in handmade packages. Taking the time to make something either by knitting or crocheting is a gesture of love and a commitment to the craft, but it takes time. That's why the time has come to grab your needles, ladies. We have some Christmas gifts to make. Starting your gifts in July is a fantastic way to ensure that you'll be finished by the time Santa's sleigh pulls up. It will also give you plenty of exciting projects to work on for the next couple of months. 

12 Christmas Presents that will make everyone go, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

12 Christmas Presents that will make everyone go, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Christmas is such a jolly time, and you can spread even more Christmas cheer with our 12 Christmas gift ideas.


If you want to blow your loved ones reindeer themed socks off this Christmas, make them blankets. Blankets do so much more than keep us warm. They make us feel cozy and safe. They do take a lot of time, though, which is why it's time to chain those stitches. Lovecrafts.com offers hundreds of wonderful knitting and crochet patterns for free. You can find them HERE.


When the winter chills come, who doesn't love a hat? Keep your loved ones' ears nice and toasty with a unique handmade hat. There are countless free patterns and videos available on the internet today. You are guaranteed to find a hat suitable for the whole family, from Uncle Joe to Grandma Stella. The nice thing about hats is that you can make them to truly suit the person who will wear them on Christmas day.You can find endless adorable hat patterns HERE.


No one is fond of a nippy breeze, so give the gift that wraps their hearts and shoulders. Wraps are beautiful gifts because they are big enough for you to practice that traveling stitch you've been trying to master, and yet they don't take as long as blankets do. Yarnspirations gives us several gorgeous wrap patterns for free. Have a look at them HERE.


Bags are practical and beautiful gifts that make our lives easier. A bag is always a handy accessory, especially if it has been handmade by someone. There are so many patterns to choose from that you can make a bag for each family member.You can find loads of great bag patterns HERE.

Slippers or socks

Keep those icy toes comfy and toasty with handmade slippers or socks. The personal touches you can add to your slippers or socks will make them one-of-a-kind, sweeping your loved ones off their feet with this sweet gesture.Garnstudio.com spoils us with a large selection of free patterns for slippers and socks. Here a look HERE.

Amigurumi delights

Be the favorite auntie with unique amigurumi gifts for all the little ones in the family or the big ones who are young at heart. Amigurumi designs are quick and easy to follow, and there is a vast world of patterns to choose from. So embrace your inner child and choose an amigurumi pattern today.Amigurumi.com offers many cute and delightful Amigurumi patterns for free. Find them HERE.

Gloves and mittens

Don't let there be little kittens who lost their mittens at your Christmas brunch this year. Instead, keep those fingers warm with a handmade gift that will be hands down the best. You find the perfect pattern for you HERE.


Offer a gift that is a friendly and colorful friend to any table, a coaster. Coasters make incredible gifts because they are quick and easy to make, yet they still show you took the time to make something. Coasters can be great gifts for coworkers, or secret Santa, too.You can find 30 incredible coaster patterns HERE.

Coffee Cozies

Any coffee lover has experienced the discomfort of a cup that is just a tad too hot. Save your caffeine-loving folk the unease of grabbing that cup of joe that is just not fun to hold by making them a coffee cozy. Coffee cozies are incredibly thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, making them smile whenever they take a sip of their favorite hot drink. Find a selection of free coffee cozies patterns HERE.

Eye masks

A good night's sleep is priceless. So be your family's little sleep fairy by making eye masks for the festive season. Eye masks are delightful gifts with adorable designs to choose from.Find a beautiful eye mask pattern HERE.

Ear warmers

Got a teenager in the house who doesn't want hat hair but would still like warm ears? The solution is simple, ear warmers. Ear warmers are quick and straightforward to make, and you can make them in any color you like, making that particular person's day with ear warmers made in their favorite color. You can find 23 free ear warmer patterns right HERE.

Christmas decorations

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, and you can add your touch of magic with handmade decorations. These can be gifts for family and friends, or you can use them as decorations in your own home. There are several different decorations to choose from, including grumpy Santas, chubby Christmas trees, and cute reindeer. Adding your own handmade Christmas decorations to your Christmas tree will take it to the next level of merriness.You can find 20 amazing free Christmas tree patterns HERE.


T'is the season to be jolly and the season starts now. Get into the holiday spirit today by picking up your needles and beginning on the best gifts that will even wow the Grinch. Whether you enjoy crochet, knitting, or a merry mix of both, you can find thousands of great patterns at Lovecrafts.





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