12 Strange and Interesting Things to Knit and Crochet

12 Strange and Interesting Things to Knit and Crochet

If you’re looking for something different to knit or crochet, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! There truly seems to be a pattern for anything and everything you can think of on the internet. From practical to just being “out there”, these are sure to bring a smile to your face.

12 Strange and Interesting Things to Knit and Crochet

 Nose warmer

If you’re living in a really cold part of the world you may want to use some scraps of yarn to knit (or crochet) a nose warmer! We’re just not sure if this is really more practical than covering your face with part of a cowl or scarf… 

Sleep mask

Girly Knits’ sleep masks are really cute and, as it’s knitted with worsted weight yarn, the fabric should be dense enough to keep most light out. If not, simply line it with a layer of cotton fabric.


Toilet paper

We also found this knitted toilet paper — face and all. This definitely makes an eye-catching scarf!

Knitted lace fence

This project has almost gone viral in the knitting community - a knitted fence knitted by the talented Anne Eunson. And not just any old knitting either - a Shetland Lace pattern! Not just practical, but beautiful as well. If you’re up to knitting with curtain rod “needles”, be sure to try it!

Apple cozy

Sometimes something that seems silly at first actually has practical use once you think about it. Like an apple cozy. Yes, they are cute, but they’re also a great way to keep an apple from bruising in your bag. And they’re reusable too!


Alien autopsy

Not as practical, on the other hand, is this fun alien autopsy knit. Designed by Emily from aKNITomy, it just begs to be featured on a wall next to an X-Files-style “I want to believe” poster.

She has a variety of knitted dissected animal patterns (including a frog, mouse, and earthworm)  that are sometimes made for school biology classes!

Golf club covers

For those who love golf — or who has golfing loved ones — there are these Laura’s Loop Knit Golf Club covers by Purl Soho. You can either make them in their favorite colors, or even use some of KnitPal’s yarns to make these covers in their favorite team or school’s colors! For a more neutral look, use natural shades or unbleached wool.

Flushie and Professor Plunger

Another set of creations by Mochi Mochi Land, is called Flushie and Professor Plunger. The set is meant to be interactive, and Flushie’s lid can open and close, for example, making it great for kids.

Much cuter than Claes Oldenburg’s Soft Toilet in the Whitney Museum of American Art as well, in our opinion.

Domino set

This domino set is perfect for small kids learning the game.  Plus it’s a great way to keep your hands occupied while you’re watching TV as the pattern is quite straightforward.

The pattern is available to buy on Ravelry. 

Amigurumi (anatomically correct) heart 

Whether you prefer to use it for Valentine’s day or Halloween is up to you, but we love this anatomically correct heart pattern by FrantsToys.

Amigurumi trumpet

The best thing about this crocheted trumpet? It doesn’t make a sound, making it perfect for kids. Their parents will thank you, trust us!


What’s the strangest or most interesting thing that you’ve knitted or crocheted? Share with us in our KnitPal Facebook group!




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