6 Great Reasons to Buy KnitPal Team Spirit Knitting Kits

6 Great Reasons to Buy KnitPal Team Spirit Knitting Kits

With so many wonderful knitting patterns to choose from, you may wonder why you should rather buy a kit than just a pattern or even to use a free pattern. Here are five reasons why a knitting kit may just be the best choice for you.

6 good reasons to buy knitting kits

You know the pattern has been tested with the yarn you’re going to use

One of the main reasons why you should rather use a knitting kit for your projects is that you can then be assured that the pattern hasn’t just been tested thoroughly, but also that you are using the exactly right yarn.

            The pattern and test-knitters

It is sometimes difficult to tell whether a pattern you’re about to use has been thoroughly test-knitted by different knitters. Test-knitters are a necessary part of the knitting pattern process as they not only make sure that there are no errors in the pattern, but also make sure that the pattern’s different sizes work up as they are supposed to.

The problem of not having gone through the process of test knitting is especially big when it comes to free patterns. While it’s true that some of the big brands and designers do have test-knitters and pattern editors, not every free pattern found on Pinterest, for instance, can be classified as such.

reasons to buy knitting kits           

The yarn you use

While it’s one thing to try out a pattern in a cheap yarn, it is quite a different matter when you’re using quality and, let’s face it, expensive materials and yarn to work with. To then find once you’re halfway through — or finished — that the pattern didn’t work as it should have, is both awful and a waste of time, money, and a good yarn.

Therefore, using a knitting kit is a sure-fire way to know that your knitting project will turn out great and you don’t have to worry about errors in the pattern or using the wrong yarn.

No wastage of yarn

A second wonderful thing about knitting kits is that you won’t waste yarn because the correct amount of yarn is already included in the kit. No oddballs of yarn will be left to lay around in your stash indefinitely!

KnitPal especially prides themselves on not wasting yarn. Believing that you should have a “stash” of yarn that is not made up of odd half skeins and bits that are too much to throw away and too little to keep, KnitPal only gives you the yarn that you need for the specific project that you’re busy with.

Because you’re also given the correct amount of yarn, there is no running out of yarn and then not finding the same dye lot and having your project spoilt because you need to use different shades of the same color!

Good for beginners — and your tools are free

Knitting kits are also great for beginner knitters as the guesswork is taken away while you’re still learning about yarn, patterns, and needle sizes.

Because the kit already contains the yarn (and the right amount of yarn) and the pattern, all that’s left to do is to choose a comfy place to sit, cast on some stitches, and start.

Don’t have the correct needle size? Or maybe this is your first knitting project? Just add a request (at checkout) that you also require the right size knitting needles for the project, and they will be sent to you as well; free of charge. You’ll be able to begin as soon as your parcel arrives!

Kits to suit every taste

Knitting kits are everything but boring — just look at KnitPal’s variety of patterns to suit every taste! From the funky 3-in-1 Cowl, Hat, and Messy Bun Hat to the Red Zone with its lattice pattern and classic Go MI Team Hat, or even the beautiful End Run Shawl Kit or Game Day Satchel, there is something for everyone.

Support when you need it, saving you time 

Thanks to their great after-sales support, you will be able to get the specific answer you need to any questions you may have about your KnitPal knitting kit and project — no need to go to different sources or sift through Google searches.

There is even a special KnitPal Facebook Group where you can celebrate your works in progress and finished objects!

KnitPal knitting kits let you celebrate your team spirit

What makes KnitPal kits so special? Well, not only is the yarn top-class hand-dyed merino, but it has also been dyed to exactly match your fave team and school colors. Far from being stuck on one color of yarn per kit, as with various kits out there that have limited colors available, your kit is made up with your team’s exact colors!

Don’t worry about finding the perfect Sunshine Yellow or Glorious Gold; KnitPal has already taken care of that.

No more searching the shops for quality yarn that only almost match your team. After all, KnitPal knows how important it is to work with Glorious Gold and not Gracious Gold or even Greater Gold.

When only the perfect color will do, your only choice for team spirit yarn is KnitPal.

            KnitPal uses an international color matching standard

Have you ever bought yarn online just to find that the color on the screen doesn’t match the real-life product?

Luckily, with KnitPal, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong red, purple, blue, or even gold colored yarn. KnitPal makes sure that their yarn perfectly matches the international color matching standard, Pantone, and each yarn is dyed a specific, standardized Pantone color.

Rather than matching by eye or simply following someone else’s recipe, each batch of KnitPal wool is dyed with only the perfect Pantone shade that matches your team’s Pantone shade perfectly.

            KnitPal kits will keep you dressed up and comfy for the whole day — all in your team’s colors

Find all the patterns you need to make your game day a riot of team colors — from head to toe! Choose between patterns like the 3-in-1 Cowl, Hat, and Messy Bun Hat to the Red Zone with its lattice pattern and classic Go MI Team Hat for your head, the Pom Pom Striped Scarf for around your neck, a Stadium Blanket in the exact team colors and even a Game Day Satchel for everything else you’ll need (like your next KnitPal knitting project!).

It’s enough to turn all the other supporters green with envy.

Let KnitPal be the yarn you use to show the heart and soul that goes into every perfectly colored project that shows your team spirit! 

Whether you’re creating a project in your team colors for yourself or in school colors for a new college student, you know that the yarn is colored with love just as you weave your love into each project you create.

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