A celebration of #menwhoknit and #menwhocrochet

A celebration of #menwhoknit and #menwhocrochet

It’s a big shame that knitting and crochet are still seen as being only for “little old ladies” when there is a robust knitting and crochet community of all ages. There is also a movement by men who want to reclaim knitting and crochet as an art that anyone can do.

Men who knit and crochet

Look under the hashtags #menwhoknit, #menwhocrochet, and those attached to them, you’ll see a magnificent range of talents and styles who are not giving an ear to negative talk or insults, but rather grow in their craft and create beautiful things.

We’re going to look at just a few of these great faces and ambassadors of crochet and knitting (this time!). 

Louis Boria (Brooklyn Boy Knits)

Fiber artists and knitter, Louis Boria shot into the spotlight when a photo of him knitting on the subway went viral.

Not only did it start a whole conversation about whether men and boys knit and crochet, but even if they should. The therapeutic value of knitting is not lost on Louis, and, in one of his interviews (below), he does say that knitting is the most therapeutic thing he’s ever picked up. But wait, let him explain in his own words:  


Vincent Green-Hite (knot.bad and #yarnpunk)

What does Pokémon, heavy metal, and crochet have in common? Vincent Green-Hite, of course!

Vincent is a crocheter and owner of Yarn Punk. His now full-time business started as simply a hobby making amigurumi and taking whimsical photos for Instagram with his creations.

Fast forward through a lot of hard work, and Vincent has been teaching crochet and creating his own patterns; hosted on his blog.

Says Vincent: “Did your Grandma teach you how to crochet??” I legit just thought it looked cool, so then I taught myself at 21. It can feel like you have to have these natural born talents or learn something at a very young age. Why should learning something new be limited to your age or identity? Crochet sure doesn’t have to look a certain way, hence Yarn Punk.” 

Franklin Habit

For over a decade, Franklin Habit has been sharing his textile work, writing, photography, and illustration with the world through books, teaching, and social media.

He is the author of:

I dream of yarn

    Franklin also has two classes on Bluprint, in which he teaches about color theory and knitted lace borders.

    His patterns are available on Ravelry. Oh, and don’t forget about Dolores the sheep... 

    Jonah Larson (Jonah’s Hands)

    The youngest entry in our list is definitely Jonah Larson, who taught himself to crochet at the age of 5.

    Between philanthropy, writing books filled with his patterns and projects, and traveling the world, he has made wonderful friends and completed beautiful projects, like this one.

    Smells Like Yarn

    Another great knitter to follow is Ross who podcasts and vlogs as Smells Like Yarn. He is also on Twitch!  Be sure to check out his website as well.


    A magician with knitting, maths, and double knitting, Nathan – who goes by the name Sockmatician – also has a knitting podcast and website – and don’t miss his Instagram feed.

    Rib Magazine

    Do make sure to have a look at Rib Magazine as well – a magazine especially aimed at male knitters. With stylish, practical, and inspirational patterns to choose from, you’ll want to order all volumes at once!

    “Through Rib, we hope to establish an ever-evolving, inspirational library of men’s knitwear patterns and highlight the renaissance of men returning to the craft and art of knitting. In our pages, you will not only find engaging designs, but stories of men who participate in and contribute to our fiber community, whether they be knitters, designers, weavers, spinners, or dyers. Through their stories, we aim to motivate and attract more men to knitting.” - Eric Lutz, Publisher

    Who’s your favorite male knitting/crochet designer or inspiration? Tell us in the comments!








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