How Knitting and Crochet Apps Can Help You

How Knitting and Crochet Apps Can Help You

We often think of crochet and knitting as “low-tech” hobbies. After all, you only need a hook or knitting needles and yarn to get started. But don’t discount knitting and crochet apps just yet – they can be of great help to you in making and finishing your projects! 

How Knitting and Crochet Apps Can Help You

Why use knitting and crochet apps?

Like many things that have gone digital to make life easier, knitting and crochet apps can also make your crafting life easier. What really draws us to the apps are the way in which you can keep track of multiple works in progress at any one time without having to keep adding the info to different pages in a notebook.

Not using a (physical) notebook can be very handy not only because of the space saved in your project bag, but also because it’s much easier to switch between different projects without getting the pages mixed up.

Rather than having the printed pattern and pens with you at all times to follow charts, etc., the apps into which you can import the patterns mean that you don’t need to carry the printed pattern around with you. This is especially handy when you’re out knitting in public, with friends, or simply in the garden.

Because these apps can also count more than one element of the pattern at once, it saves you from having multiple counters on your needles or hands with which to keep track! 

The main types of knitting and crochet apps

The available crochet and knitting apps are either simple row counters, links with Ravelry, or serve as a place to import all your patterns and other info to keep track of your works in progress and your stash of yarn.

While most of the apps are free, there are some that you can pay for to keep from seeing advertising. If you really like an app and use it, then paying for the premium version is never a bad idea.

However, give yourself ample time to get to know the app and how it works before deciding whether or not to use it. Because there are many apps available, you aren’t stuck with just one choice, so go out and experiment!

Some of our favorite knitting and crochet apps

Here are some of our favorite apps, divided into row counters, all-round apps, and those apps that link with Ravelry.

BeeCount Knitting Counter by Knirrir

If you’re looking for a simple counter for your knitting and crochet, we suggest using BeeCount Knitting Counter. Free and open source, this handy counter is one of the few apps that are free and yet doesn’t have ads.

BeeCount’s interface is easy to work with and you can store multiple projects’ info on the app.

BeeCount works on Android, iOS, and browsers.

Knit Tink by Jennifer K. Warren

A relatively new app is Knit Tink. This easy-to-use app is like the pared-down cousin of BeeCount. It’s limited to three projects (at the moment), and currently you can track your tools and yarn, the rows and repeats of a pattern, edit your patterns, and reset the counters. Although there is a paid version, the price is low. Kint Tink is available on Android and iOS.

Row Counter – Knitting and Crocheting lines count

From the creators of Knitting Genius and Crochet Genius, Annapurnapp Tech, now comes Row Counter – an app that does much more than the name suggests.

With Row Counter you can actually download your patterns into the app – both webpages and pdf. You also have direct access to Ravelry in order to access your library or to search their website.

You can also:

  • Set up several counters to track increases, design or color changes
  • Add reminders for specific rows
  • Use it as a basic counter

The app even has voice control, which means that you don’t need to touch the app while knitting or crocheting!

Row Counter is available on Android and iOS

The Knit and Crochet Counter

Available on iOS is another all-round app called The Knit and Crochet Counter. Much like Row Counter above, The Knit and Crochet Counter can be used to track different projects, and post to or access Ravelry.

Other than the other apps we’ve looked at, you can use The Knit and Crochet Counter to directly post your work to various social media networks. The app also syncs across your iOS devices.


Crochet and Knit

Daifukoo’s Crochet and Knit app is definitely one of the stars of their range of crafters’ apps.

With four different counters available per project, stitch libraries, and even a time tracker, this app is certainly one to look at. The Crochet and Knit app also has:

  • an integrated calculator for yarn quantity, number of stitches and number of rows
  • knitting and crochet abbreviations in various languages
  • knitting needle and crochet hook size charts
  • common yarn weights and gauges.

Like most of these apps, Crochet and Knit does contain ads and in-app purchasing options. Crochet and Knit is available on Android. 

How Knitting and Crochet Apps Can Help You Tip:

Always make sure that the app that you want to use are available for your phone or tablet’s operating system (iOS or Android) before buying it or trying to install it.



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