Who we are and what we value

As a young girl in China, I grew up watching my mother knit and crochet. She was amazingly talented and would create beautiful pieces for me. She used to knit after dinner - that’s how she spent free time and relaxed, but it was also a necessity. At that time, money was tight and families often made their own clothes. My mom always looked so happy when she was knitting and crocheting, and as I looked at her, I felt and knew that she loved me.
People who knit don’t usually knit for themselves, but instead for others. It’s not about the piece itself but what it represents, as a tremendous amount of love and effort goes into it. Creating something special for another is a way of saying “I love you.”

A few years ago, while getting ready to knit an item for my best friend, who is an avid supporter of his school team,
I went looking for the colors of the school he supported online. When I couldn’t find a yarn brand that could
tell me the color of the yarn 100% for sure, I decided that I would dye the wool myself. And, so, my dyeing studio
was born from humble beginnings.

--Casey, founder


**Creating is a way to say “I love you.” You know knitting or crocheting is a labor of love… And while you may make a thing or two for yourself, you are probably more excited about creating for others. We wanted to make bringing joy to people you love fun for you too! :) That’s why our kits come with everything you need, so you know what the finished product will look like and what you need to do to create it.

Handmade items are the best gift ever for people you love.

***Your loved ones deserve the best! Our high-quality yarns are luxurious and rich. We hand dye the yarn in your favorite team’s colors in our studio in California.


***You want to share the love. So do we! That’s why we support charities knitting for others. Our donations have helped knit stuffed animals and blankets for children in crisis and people with special needs. Join us in helping others.  Write to us if you are a charity in need of knitting supplies or an organization in need of knitted items. 

KnitPal is committed to giving back

***Our sourcing practices are rooted in the love and respect for the people and the environment. We are proud to source alpaca, merino and other wool products from small producers across the globe and we work especially hard to support women-owned businesses. Today, our yarn comes from our own backyard in California, small women-owned farms in Nebraska and Michigan, as well as South America and Africa. All our yarns, including blends, are biodegradable!

Knitpal offer earth friendly yarn

***We think that the knitting and crochet industry isn’t serving the younger generation of crafters well. A lot of the projects we come across are the same old traditional items. We wanted to do away with “been there, done that” patterns and bring trendy and fun options to the market! Our team spirit project kits do just that! With bold team colors and unique contemporary patterns, you and your family or friends are sure to stand out! 

team spirit mitten pattern

***We believe that anyone can knit or crochet something beautiful and functional to express themselves! Whether you are man or woman, young or young at heart, “good at crafts” or not, you can create a handcrafted piece that speaks to who you are. Here at KnitPal, we don’t judge, we don’t discriminate and we don’t think that you have to be an expert to get access to cool knitting or crochet projects. Our single-make kits come with easy instructions that anyone can understand, whether you speak “yarn” or not! Just choose your favorite team, select from available projects and… go! Our community is here to help you along the way!

***To you, being a fan is a way of life. It’s not just a thing you do. It’s the community, the get-togethers, that amazing feeling when your team wins. It’s about cheering together, high-fiving your team pride outfits and remembering last-year’s game. To us, there’s no greater happiness than knowing that your showstopper scarf or hat came out of our kit!

***You don’t like clutter. Neither do we... To this end, we take care to measure the yarn you will need for each project, so there are no leftovers. (Yarn bookmarks anyone?) With KnitPal, you can focus on one project at a time and keep your space organized.