3 Easy Knit Projects That Will Keep You Warm at Your School's Football Game

3 Easy Knit Projects That Will Keep You Warm at Your School's Football Game

If you are a new college student, you will likely want to attend football games and other fall activities. The average length of a college football game is about three and a half hours. That’s a lot of time out in the cold, so you need to be sure to bundle up with scarves, hats, and blankets.

3 Easy Knit Projects That Will Keep You Warm at Your School's Football Game

When making these knitted projects, consider using woolen yarn. Wool is very insulating compared to cotton. If it’s rainy or snowy, wool can wick moisture away from your skin unlike cotton. Plus, you can pick college color yarns to show support for your team. Here are three projects to consider making that’ll keep you warm.

  1. Two-Tone Crocheted Scarf

A scarf will protect you from the wind, and it’s a perfect project for beginners. For a basic scarf, you will only need to acquaint yourself with two stitches: a single-crochet stitch and a chain stitch. Once you have those two down, you can complete the scarf in no time. You will need a

  • Tapestry needle
  • Medium-sized crochet hook
  • 5 ounces of medium-weight yarn

If one of your college’s colors is gold, consider purchasing yarn skeins that contain wool mixed with acrylic/metallic polyester. Some colleges that have gold colors are:

  • Iowa (black and gold)
  • Alaska (green and gold)
  • Louisiana (purple and gold)
  • North Dakota (green and gold)

Golden yarn varieties really pop in scarves since they have a shimmery appearance!

  1. Simple Knit Hat

Although it’s an old wives’ tale that you lose most of your body heat through your head, you should still protect it. Your scalp’s blood vessels sit very close to the surface of your skin, so if your head isn’t insulated and warm, your body temperature can quickly drop.

There are numerous hat styles, but you may want to try making a stockinette stitch hat or a ribbed flat hat. You could make two solid-color hats with both of your school colors.

The stockinette stitch hat is perfect for beginning knitters and just requires you to get about two balls of bulky yarn and one circular needle.

A ribbed flat hat is a good choice for more advanced knitters. These hats have a beautiful texture and look great with bright colors.

If your university has strong, punchy colors—like purple or red—a knit hat can be a fun way to add a splash of color to your wardrobe. For instance, Clemson University and Washington University have purple shades that look great on hats.

  1. Knit Throw or Stadium Blanket

Although this project may seem daunting, a Stadium blanket/throw is one of the easier projects you could tackle since the stitches are large and the yarn is bulky. If you want to use straight needles instead of knitting in the round, this is also a good project to try.

Look up instructions for a blanket with a garter stitch. Garter stitches are easy because you are just creating many rows with the same straight stitch.

A cool way to incorporate your school colors in your blanket is with gradients. A gradient yarn starts with one color and then smoothly transitions to another color on the same skein. You can get a beautiful effect with these yarns. For example, if you attend Kansas State, then your blanket could start with an off-white color that gradually transitions into purple. As the yarn transitions colors, you’ll get gorgeous tints and shades of purple.

Not seeing your school in these project ideas? If you need more color combination ideas for your project, here’s a list of popular school team colors. Not seeing the true collegiate yarn of your school,  Contact KnitPal for custom orders.

  • University of Michigan: blue and yellow
  • Michigan State University: green and white
  • Ohio State University: red and grey
  • University of Alabama: crimson and white
  • Louisiana State University: purple and gold
  • Clemson University: orange and purple
  • Kansas State University: purple and white
  • University of Iowa: black and gold
  • Auburn University: blue and orange
  • University of California, Los Angeles: blue and gold
  • University of Southern California (USC): red and gold
  • University of Arizona: blue and red
  • University of Connecticut: blue and white
  • Penn State University: blue and white
  • University of Central Florida: black and gold
  • Kent State University: blue and gold
  • University of Georgia: red and black
  • University of Wisconsin: red and white
  • University of Arkansas: white and red
  • University of Oregon: green and yellow
  • University of Miami: green and orange
  • North Dakota State University: green and gold
  • Portland State University: green and white
  • University of Alaska – Anchorage: green and gold
  • Texas A& M University: maroon and white


Please note: sports team names, colors are licensed by their respective owners, and can’t be used without permission. This list is for informative purposes only.


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