Your Ultimate Knitting and Crochet Gift Guide

Your Ultimate Knitting and Crochet Gift Guide

When you have a knitter or crocheter in your life - or you’re new to the craft, you may wonder (come birthdays, Christmas, or other celebrations) what kind of gift they will like.

Your ultimate knitting and crochet gift guide

That’s why we’ve selected some of the best types of yarn-related gifts. Just be careful that you don’t just buy yourself a gift!

Project Bags and yarn storage containers

You can never have too many project bags or yarn storage containers. Rather than putting a work in progress in a plastic or paper shopping bag, it’s so much nicer to use (a reusable) fabric project bag.

And, boy, are there many types available!

In the case of handmade project bags — that adds that extra-special touch — Etsy or your local yarn store is definitely your friend.

And, if you can sew, you can always make the project bag yourself! Doubly extra-special!

Think about what they like - a specific animal, color, or even TV show or film — and look for a project bag that features it.

Stitch Markers and progress keepers

Another place where you can really go all out for personalized gifts, is stitch markers. As with the project bags, you can get a huge variety of stitch markers on Etsy. Keep an eye out at the local yarn store as well, though.

Just make sure that you buy knitting stitch markers if they’re a knitter or crochet stitch markers if they’re a crocheter! (The owner of the shop will help you if you’re unsure, just pop them an email.)

Progress keepers are also a nice addition to a knitting or crochet stash and is often given as a small gift.

Stitch and row counters

Stitch or row counters, however, are a must for knitters and crocheters. Stitch counters are exactly what they sound like — something you use to count the stitches or rows you’ve worked with.

Just like anything, you get quite “entry-level” counters, and then you get the more sophisticated counters. You even get rings that act like stitch counters. How’s that for creative!


Yarn, oh, glorious yarn! Where do we even start? Yarn is, after all the backbone of knitting and crocheting!

We’re a bit biased that you try some of KnitPal’s lovingly hand-dyed yarns or even one of the KnitPal kits.

We would say that hand-dyed yarn makes an extra-special gift for the knitting or crocheter in your life. And there are indie dyers around the world.

So how about some British wool hand-dyed with plants by Crafternoon Treats? Or, for something completely different, some yarn by the US-based Voolenvine?

From South Africa, there are the luscious Nurturing Fibres which is definitely a local favorite when it comes to local yarn.

Other yarns that are definitely a great gift as well, is Rowan, Scheepjes, and Schachenmayr.

Tickets to a local yarn or wool festival or craft fair

What better way to indulge in your passion than going to a festival or fair! Simply check which of the fairs or festivals are close to where they live and make a date for a day out! 

Knitting needles or crochet hooks

Not all knitting needles and crochet hooks are made equal. And every knitter or crocheter has their own needles and hooks that are their favorite.

Take a peek at what they like working with next time you see them knitting or crocheting.

Do they use metal, bamboo or plastic? (If you’re not sure, just ask! We knitters love to talk needles.) Then all you have to do is head out to the local yarn shop and ask for the type of needles or hooks your loved one likes to use.

Knitting needles are also available to buy online, including our very own KnitPal knitting needles. Of course, you can also look at other popular makes, including KnitPro (just look at these Colours of Life ones), Hiya-Hiya (especially the Sharps are good for lace knitting), or interchangeable sets.

You can also ask what size of needle or hook they need (or would like) and get them a set of those.

You can also look at Etsy (again) for handmade crochet hooks. These can often be custom-made as well. (Tip: Get an “ergonomic” crochet hook — your crocheter will love you forever.)

Yarn bowl

What is a yarn bowl? It’s literally a bowl that keeps your yarn from rolling all over the floor (and possibly under the sofa). And there are many types available. The most common are ceramic and wood. These are also often handmade and can be bought from your local yarn store or Etsy.

Knitting or crochet jewelry

Remember that counter ring that we mentioned earlier? Well, there are oodles of knitting and crochet jewelry available!

From bracelets with stitch markers to knitting rings to a thread or yarn cutters that look like a necklace

Knitting or crochet diary or planner

We knitters and crocheters usually have more than one project going at one time. And we need to keep track (in style). So, enter the knitting planner. From pages to stickers and everything in-between is available. Don’t worry, though, crocheters also have planners available!

We hope that you now have some inspiration for gifts to give the knitter or crocheter in your life. Now you just have to pick a color or pattern! 




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