Big Knits for Big Hearts

Big Knits for Big Hearts

Most of us love the idea of giving back and making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than us. We might feel even more tempted to contribute to a special cause as Christmas approaches. The good news is that there are ways that you can make a difference in the world by doing something that you love. Several charities welcome knitted and crocheted projects for their cause. So if you enjoy knitting or crocheting, or both, and you want to get involved with a remarkable charity, you'll find what you are looking for right here.

Why should I get involved with a knitting or crochet charity?

British diver Tom Daley isn't just a gold medal winner, but he is a man with a talented pair of hands and a generous heart. The talented sportsman drew attention both inside and out of the pool over the last few years. He has been spotted at several championships knitting happily while waiting for his turn to participate. When he was asked why he knits at these international events, he responded by saying that he loves to knit, and it keeps him calm. In addition, Tom started auctioning off his knitted fashion pieces and donated the money to charity.

Of course, we know that knitting and crochet have several health benefits that make them fantastic hobbies and pastimes. However, if they can be used to create unique pieces for the less fortunate, the list of benefits goes beyond our health and straight to our hearts. 

Which charities are good for knitters and crocheters?

Whether you are an experienced knitter or crocheter or just beginning, you can make a difference by creating something for someone in need. Some crafters enjoy getting together with friends and to make a collective project that they can send off to the charity of their choosing. That way, they are doing what they love with those they love, and later they will share the love with someone else. It is a beautiful act of selflessness that can fill the heart of someone who might be struggling. Here are some of the best charities if you want to donate your knits and crochet creations.

  • Warm Up America

This incredible charity has been around since 1991. Every year thousands of afghans, hats, and baby clothing are sent to those who are less fortunate to help with the cold winter months. If you would like to donate items to this beautiful American charity, click HERE for more information.

  • Heartmade Blessings

Life can throw hard curveballs to us all, and during these challenging times, it is often the tiny signs of love that matter most. This is what Heartmade Blessings is all about. The charity welcomes afghans and bearghans, which are children's blankets shaped like bears. If you would like to make a bearghan and put a smile on a child's face, you can find a free pattern right here.

  • Afghans for Afghans

Afghanistan has had a rough few decades, and this charity's primary goal is to provide those suffering in Afghanistan with some comfort and warmth. You can get involved with this fantastic charity by checking out their website.

  • Crochet for Cancer

 Cancer is an overwhelming disease for those suffering and their loved ones. As oncology patients undergo chemotherapy, it isn't unusual for them to lose their hair. Losing your hair while trying to fight the disease can be very traumatic, and that is why the charity Crochet for Cancer was established.

  • Snuggles Projects

The pet lovers among us would never want to see an animal be cold or uncomfortable. Snuggle Projects is focused on providing shelter animals with comfortable blankets that they can snuggle on. Unfortunately, we can't adopt them all, but we can make their lives more comfortable, thanks to Snuggle Projects.  

  • Knit for Kids

It is sad to think that millions of children around the world remain unclothed and cold. You can make a difference in the lives of these children with Knit for Kids. This charity gives knitted and crocheted sweaters to children who need them most around the world.  

What else can I do?

When it comes to making a difference, it is better to support companies involved with charities than those who don't. So shopping can be a way to give back indirectly if you choose the correct merchants. For example, KnitPal not only gives you knitting and crochet supplies and materials that are top-notch quality, but it is also a company that gives portions of profits to selected beautiful charities.


Those who give more have more. The feeling of delight as you share something you have made with your hands and know it will make a difference in someone's life is precious. You can show someone the meaning of love while doing what you love. Each stitch is a step towards making someone feel special and appreciated.


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