Fusion Crochet: An Incredible Technique

Fusion Crochet: An Incredible Technique

Those of us who enjoy crochet and sewing might wonder at times how wonderful it would be to combine these two textile arts that we adore. The good news is that fusion crochet can combine these two incredible art forms to create something unique and beautiful.

Fusion Crochet: An Incredible Technique

What is fusion crochet?

Fusion crochet involves using crochet to join material squares to form a larger piece, most commonly blankets. By using crochet to create a unique border around your material squares, you give your project a distinctive appearance that is timeless and beautiful. It is an exciting technique to learn because it makes your project possibilities endless. Imagine if you could create a pillowcase, tablecloth, or blanket with every single piece of fabric that you love. Now you can by using this lovely technique that combines your sewing and crochet skills.  

Fusion Crochet: An Incredible Technique

How do you do fusion crochet?

You can design your one-of-a-kind creation by selecting the fabric that you want to use. Of course, you can use several kinds of cloth if you want a bold look, or you can stick to one. Once you have decided on the fabric, you can begin with these steps to make your first fusion crochet creation:

  • Decide the size and amount of fabric squares that you want to use for your project.
  • Cut the fabric into squares and sew the edges for a clean, neat look. If you plan to make a blanket, you can sew the pieces of the fabric back to back so that your blanket has the pattern on both sides.
  • Lay your pieces out to determine the shape and size of your creation. If you feel like you don't have enough squares for your project, make more before continuing.
  • Once you are satisfied with the number of squares you have, you can start by stitching around all of them. This will make it possible for you to create your crochet stitches more easily. Most people prefer to make these initial stitches with thin thread before switching to their chosen yarn for crocheting. Doing this minimizes the holes your initial stitch will make in the fabric, which is helpful, especially if you are working with fragile or thin cloth.
  • Now you can start to use your crochet skills to make a border around the squares. An incredible feature of this style of crochet is that you can use any stitch you like. If you have started crocheting recently, you can start by using a half-double crochet stitch all around every square and then join them all to make your creation. If you are an advanced crocheter, you can choose between all the stitches you are familiar with to create something unique and 100% your own creation.
  • After you have created a border around every square, you can join them. When you are done, it is optional to add an edge around your entire creation. This is usually a great idea if you are working on a blanket because it gives that lovely roundoff feel and look to your blanket. 

What materials do I need for a fusion crochet project?

To make your first fusion crochet creation, you need the following:

  • Your fabric squares in the size you prefer. For blankets, most people like cotton that has been cut into 5 x 5 squares. If you are making a blanket, you will need at least 48 of these squares.
  • A sewing machine or a lot of time if you plan to do it by hand
  • An Iron
  • Some thread for sewing and working in loose ends
  • A sewing needle
  • Crochet yarn or thick thread of your choice
  • A crochet hook
  • Scissors

If you are looking for the best crochet supplies that are affordable and practical, you will be delighted by what KnitPal has to offer. Once you have all of your materials ready, you can look at these incredible free patterns and start creating your extraordinary fusion crochet creation today.

Are there any free fusion crochet blanket patterns available online?

Yes, the wonder of the Internet is that you can get anything you need online these days. However, since fusion crochet is a relatively new technique, there aren't as many patterns available as most other crochet projects. Not to fear, though, since we have a few incredible designs right here.

  • Kaffe Fusion blanket

Look at this gorgeous Kaffe fusion blanket design by SewingDaisies.

Fusion Crochet: An Incredible Technique

  • Mismatch fabric fusion blanket

If you wonder what it will look like if you use different fabrics to make your blanket, you can look at this lovely and colorful design by BeeInMyBonnet.

  • High tea crochet quilt design

This gorgeous design is second to none. Make this breathtaking blanket for someone special, or add some color to your own bedroom or living room. FannyLuDesigns has a fantastic design that every crocheter will enjoy.

Fusion Crochet: An Incredible Technique


Crochet is a beautiful skill that can be used to add finesse and charm to your next project. Bring two wonderful crafts together in harmony with fusion crochet.






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