Celebrities Who Knit and Crochet

celebrities crochet knitting

Celebrities Who Knit and Crochet

So often we see celebrities on screen or at premieres or award shows and wonder if they have any “normal” hobbies that they do during their time off. Well, there are some celebrities after our own hearts who love knitting and crochet!

Here are just a few of the celebrities — both men and women — who like to get stuck into some yarn between learning lines and appearing on camera.

Krysten Ritter — Knitter

Known for her roles in Breaking Bad and Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Krysten Ritter is also an avid knitter who have not only taught others on set how to knit, but even has her own patterns and kits on We Are Knitters.

Krysten was taught by her grandmother to knit and crochet, but the knitting bug, it seems, stuck!

Misha Collins — Knitter

A proud knitter, actor Misha Collins — who’s best known for his role as the angel Castiel on Supernatural — is often seen knitting on set.

Katy Perry — Crocheter

Singer Katy Perry is an avid crocheter and talked about her love for the craft in a Alan Carr interview.

David Arquette — Knitter

Taught by his grandmother, David Arquette recently appeared on the cover of Celebrity Scarves 2 which was made in aid of breast cancer research.

Be sure to check out the Celebrity Scarves books by Abra Edelman for more great knitters!

Bette Davis — Crocheter

Bette Davis is a crocheter

Classic star Bette Davis was photographed while she was crocheting away between scenes. Many of the movie stars in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s were avid knitters or crocheters.

Aretha Franklin — Crocheter

Aretha Franklin is a crocheter

Icon Aretha Franklin was taught by neighbors how to crochet and she once said during an interview that the beautiful pineapple stitch is her favorite. Berets was also a favorite make.

Katherine Heigl — Knitter

Katherine Heigl is a knitter

Grey’s Anatomy and 27 Dresses star Katherine Heigl is another avid knitter who even has her own blog about the knitting and crafting she gets up to.

Meryl Streep — Knitter

Meryl Streep is a Knitter 

Meryl Streep needs no introduction! She is often seen knitting on set and even knitted the shawl that she wears on screen in Doubt!

George Washington Carver — Crocheter

George Washington Carver crochet

While George W. Carver wasn’t a movie star, he was an incredible agricultural scientist. Best known for his research on varying crops to improve farmers’ diets and the soil, he was a great needleworker as well.

Who’s your favorite celebrity who knits and crochets? We’d love to know!

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