Why Knitting and Crocheting While in Self-isolation Can Help You

Why Knitting and Crocheting While in Self-isolation Can Help You

With the world in constant movement — and at the moment it feels like constant crisis — it’s important to take time to unplug from news feeds that run 24/7, all the social media channels, and to find an oasis of calm away from any anxiety you might be feeling. 

Why Knitting and Crocheting While in Self-isolation Can Help You

Knitting, crochet, and other crafts can be the perfect thing to take your mind off the current crisis while you find yourself in self-isolation.

Not only does this time of self-isolation give you a chance to dig into your stash and take out that yarn you’ve been saving for later (what better day than today!) and knitting or crochet project?

If you want to rather use up your scraps, you can always start making a scrap blanket, or try one of these projects

Don’t just craft for yourself — pay it forward

Of course, this self-isolation won’t last forever, so you can make plans for when the lockdowns and self-isolation has lifted.

Start on birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or simply "It's great to see you again in person! gifts.

You can also make gifts for those who are working in the front lines and gift it to them when you are able to. There are also many less fortunate people who will welcome a knitted or crocheted gift and will have need of help after all this is over.

Knowing that you have something planned for when self-isolation is over can give you not only a lot of hope, but also give you the motivation to get out of bed (and start knitting) on those days that you struggle. 

Go online and find a knitting or crochet group to hang out with

Our connected world has made it so much easier to keep in touch with each other even though we may be miles apart. Use apps like Zoom to hold your own knitting group or crochet group get-togethers online — a much nicer conference call than you usually get, we’d argue!

You can also look at what other knitters and crocheters make and draw your own inspiration from there. Try looking on sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Ravelry for ideas and inspiration of your own.

Teaching a new generation

Thanks to the schools closing and children being held inside nearly 24/7, you will be sure to need to have something to keep the kids busy and entertained with.

Rather than have them staring at a screen of some form or another, you can teach them how to knit or crochet. You can even teach others in your building or neighborhood via Skype or Zoom.

As you can see, there is a lot that you can do during self-isolation to keep you busy and keep your spirits up!



Casey Morris

I have done mask holders from scraps and blankets for babies during my lock down

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