Crochet Designers around the world

Crochet Designers around the world

The world of crochet is a colorful one, with immense color work and creativity. At the heart of this art form are the crochet designers, who bring life to yarn and hooks. Whether they are intricate lace doilies, cozy blankets, accessories or garments, crochet designers around the world have been pushing crochet boundaries, innovating forms and shapes and preserving the timeless charm. In this blog, we will take a journey through the diverse talents of crochet designers from different corners of the globe, showcasing their unique styles and providing links to their websites for you to explore their innovative work. Let’s embark on a journey exploring some of the eminent crochet designers who have woven their magic on the global stage. 

United States

Twinkie Chan - Eat your cake and wear it too!

Twinkie designs fun, food-related crochet accessories such as hamburger mitts and hotdog purses. Her food-related crochet accessories are so popular that Twinkie has produced several pattern books. Visit Twinkie Chan's website to see her delicious crochet. 

Crochet Designers around the world

A Crocheted Simplicity

Jennifer Pionk

Jennifer is known for offering a wide range of crochet patterns, mostly garments and accessories.  Her designs feature clean lines, modern styles, and a focus on wearable crochet items. The patterns Jennifer provides cater to various skill levels, from beginner to advanced and come with detailed instructions and high quality photos to guide crafters through the pattern.  Visit A Crocheted Simplicity to see Jennifer’s designs.

Crochet Designers around the world



Jenny King Designs

Jenny is a crochet designer and teacher and is known for her unique designs and her ability to simplify complex crochet techniques. “Get Squared” is Jenny’s approach to garment construction in crochet and allows for design creation that fits well regardless of the yarn or hook size used. Jenny has authored several crochet books and created numerous individual patterns, traveled both nationally and internationally to teach her crochet techniques at various workshops and events. Check out her crochet techniques and patterns here.

Crochet Designers around the world


Julie Desjardins - ACCROchet

Julie’s original goal was to bring crochet to the French-speaking crocheter who had little resources at the time.  ACCROchet patterns typically showcase a mix of traditional and contemporary crochet techniques. Julie often uses vibrant colors and intricate stitch patterns in her designs. Julie offers a range of patterns suitable for different skill levels. Her patterns are known for being well-written and clear, making them user-friendly, especially for those new to crochet. She often collaborates with other designers, participates in craft fairs, and promotes crochet as both an art form and a therapeutic activity. To explore ACCROchet or learn more about Julie Desjardins' work, I would recommend visiting her official website or checking out her profiles on platforms like Ravelry to view her designs and learn more about her contributions to the crochet world.

Crochet Designers around the world



Aoibhe Ni  - “mistakes” are called “alternative methods”

Aoibhe Ni (pronounced AY-vah NEE) is a Tunisian Crochet designer from Ireland. She has been crocheting for over 30 years and moved to the professional platform 10 years ago. Aoibhe is known for her innovative Tunisian crochet designs, especially shawls with their unique aesthetics, combining traditional elements of crochet with modern influences to create wearable pieces of art. You can visit Aoibhe Ni’s website here.

Crochet Designers around the world


The Netherlands

The Guy with the Hook - Mark Roosenboom

Mark, a crochet designer from the Netherlands, is known for his intricate and elegant lace designs. His techniques and projects are constantly evolving. The patterns often feature classic motifs and are timeless in beauty. Explore Mark Roosenboom's intricate lace designs on his website.

Crochet Designers around the world



Rachel Henri

Rachel is known for Tunisian crochet and has contributed to the contemporary Tunisian crochet community with her patterns, techniques and unique approach to design. Her designs include intricate stitch patterns and innovative techniques and span a range of projects, from accessories like shawls and scarves to garments and home decor.  You can find the tutorials and patterns on Rachel's Website.

Crochet Designers around the world


Great Britain

Janie Crow

Janie Crow is known for her intricate crochet designs and patterns. Her designs include blankets, garments and accessories. Janie often uses vibrant colors and intricate stitches in her patterns, making them popular among crocheters looking for engaging and visually stunning projects. Visit Janie Crow's website to view all her designs. 

Crochet Designers around the world



Lydia Maker

Lydia Maker creates whimsical amigurumi crochet patterns and other small toys and dolls. Lydia gained a significant following in the amigurumi crochet community due to fabulous patterns and published numerous designs that crafters are enjoying worldwide. To see her designs visit Lalylaland.

Crochet Designers around the world



Sylvie Damey - Crochet Patterns for Daily Life

Sylvie is based in the French Alps and the influence of her surroundings can be seen in her designs. Her designs range from accessories to garments and often emphasize sustainability and are environmentally conscious.  Sylvie prefers natural fibers and is known for the clarity of her patterns, detailed instructions, and helpful tutorials, assisting crocheters of all levels. Sylvie Damey's Website.

Crochet Designers around the world



Johanna Lindahl

Johanna is a talented crochet designer from Sweden, known for her delicate, intricate patterns that often incorporate a mix of textures and techniques. Her designs include shawls and blankets with a beautiful stitch pattern, gradients and textures. Johanna’s “Lost in Time” shawl has become popular in the crochet community due to its versatility and beauty. Visit Johanna’s website to discover her patterns.

Crochet Designers around the world




Tinna, an Icelandic textile artist, employs an innovative approach to mosaic crochet. Her designs use vibrant colors and her techniques allow for the creation of intricate geometric mosaic patterns working in rows.  Popular patterns are the “Havana and the Queen CALs'. Tinna’s YouTube Channel.

Crochet Designers around the world


Czech Republic

Tatsiana Kupryianchyk

Tatsiana is known for her intricate patterns and detailed tutorial. She is particularly recognized for her overlay mandalas, mosaic crochet and the designs often have geometric structured feel but they can also be whimsical and inspired by nature. The “Celtic Tiles Blanket” and “Brioche Infinity Scarf” have significant popularity in the crochet community. Discover her patterns and tutorials here.

Crochet Designers around the world

In this digital age, the global crochet community is more connected than ever. These designers, along with countless others, have opened up a world of inspiration with a click. Their designs, stories, and the love they pour into their work inspire thousands to pick up a hook and yarn, creating a tapestry that binds us all. While these are just a few names, the world is full of talented designers, each adding their unique stitch to the grand design. As you dive into their patterns, you are not just crafting a piece; you are becoming part of a global story of creativity.

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