Top 5 Yarn Trends of 2023: What's Hot in the World of Yarn?

Top 5 Yarn Trends of 2023: What's Hot in the World of Yarn?

Every year the world of crafting is buzzing with new inspirations that shift with modern culture. The world of crochet and knitting are no exception to these fluctuating likes and dislikes. If you want to stay up to date on the most recent trends, keep reading. Here are the top 5 yarn trends of 2023 to inspire your next project:

Top 5 Yarn Trends of 2023: What's Hot in the World of Yarn?
  1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Yarns

With increasing awareness of global warming and mass waste, experts in every field are looking for ways to contribute to a cleaner earth. Enter sustainable and eco-friendly yarns! These are created with recycled or renewable resources and are gaining popularity in the world of knitting and crochet. Here are some up and coming brands of sustainable yarns:

Urth Yarns: This company sells a collection of 100% merino wool and cotton yarns in beautiful, vibrant colors. The name fits their philosophy, which is to plant a tree for every skein purchased. You can purchase yarn from this company and feel good about helping the earth in the process!

Knit Picks’ Eco Yarn Collection: This company has dedicated an entire collection of yarns to the eco-friendly cause with recycled, wool, and plant-based yarn collected sustainably. Some of these also meet Global Organic Textile Standards, which means they are 100% organic. 

Top 5 Yarn Trends of 2023: What's Hot in the World of Yarn?
  1. Luxurious Blends

Luxury blends are a mixture of silk, cashmere, and wool that offer the softness of fibers from animal fur and the durability of stronger yarns like acrylic. These yarns may be blended with lower end yarns, such as nylon or polyester, or they may be a blend of different expensive fibers. The mixture of lower end and higher end materials give the appearance of luxury for a lower cost than those made entirely of more expensive fibers. Some brands that offer these blended yarns include:

KnitPal: We offer a blend of extravagance and affordability with our 40% merino wool, 10% silk, 30% modal, and 20% Java cotton yarns. Shop our Merino Moments yarn for a high-end yarn without the price tag!

Malabrigo: This company offers a blend of soft fibers, such as silk and alpaca. All of their yarns are hand-dyed and draw inspirations from landscapes. Available in 400 colors, these yarns are sourced from Peru and Urugay.

Top 5 Yarn Trends of 2023: What's Hot in the World of Yarn?
  1. Chunky Yarns

Chunky yarns are great for larger items such as blankets and rugs. Using a thicker yarn allows you to quickly complete garments with a modern and textured look. It’s no wonder these yarns are still popular in 2023! These are the top companies for chunky yarn:

Bernat: This yarn is likely available at your nearest craft store as part of Yarnspirations. With yarns ranging from chunky to jumbo, they are great for large, warm blankets, rugs, and more.  

Loops & Threads: This brand belongs to the large retailer, Michael’s and is available in almost every yarn. With their bulky yarn being one of the most popular, it is available in plenty of vibrant colors at stores.

Top 5 Yarn Trends of 2023: What's Hot in the World of Yarn?
  1. Muted Tones

 In recent years, the minimalist trend has been gaining popularity. It’s no surprise that yarn has followed suit with the rising admiration of muted, earthy tones. These tones are not vibrant, and while the more colorful yarns are still in, the more muted tones make great colors for boho and farmhouse style home décor and wearables. If you like these muted tones, check out these brands:

Scheepjes: This brand carries a variety of textures and colored yarns which means they have plenty of choices when it comes to muted tones or vibrant colors. Likewise, their fibers range from plant-based to wool and can accommodate any style. 

KnitPal: Our Cotton To the Core worsted yarn is available in beautiful, muted tones perfect for any minimalist design. You can find this collection on KnitPal’s online store.

Top 5 Yarn Trends of 2023: What's Hot in the World of Yarn?
  1. Self-striping and Variegated yarns

Skip having to change yarns when you want a striped pattern and purchase self-striping yarns! These skeins save you plenty of time on switching yarn color and having to weave in loose ends, while maintaining the intricate look of multiple colors in a piece. These brands offer plenty of multicolored skeins, cakes, and hanks of yarn: 

Noro: This yarn brand is available only in select states. Check their website to find the nearest retailer to you. Their yarns offer intricate variegated yarns available in plenty of fibers to suit your preferences.

KnitPal: With multicolored yarns to match each season, our Wool Wonders offers incredible choices of color and is available online for delivery to any state. Check out our beautifully dyed 30% Australian Wool and 70% acrylic yarn, great for any project.

Top 5 Yarn Trends of 2023: What's Hot in the World of Yarn?

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