crochet thread basics

Crochet Thread Basics

Crochet thread is a thinner alternative to regular yarn. Most of it is made from cotton or blends containing cotton; some may also include acrylic. It can be used for all kinds of projects, including tablecloths, doilies, and accessories like scarves, and hats.

Crochet thread may be used for lacy looks using patterns that call for lace or the mesh stitch methods. Crochet thread can also be useful for edging other fabrics or small details on a garment with finer features than those achieved by worsted weight yarns. Crochet thread may also be used to make tiny motifs such as flowers and hearts for use in crafting projects like greeting cards or scrapbooks.

Thread crochet is similar to yarn crochet in most ways. Thread crochet can be a little puzzling for a crafter who has only worked with yarn because of the minor variances between the two. One of the most important distinctions to grasp in order to master the skill of thread crochet is that the size of the thread and the size of the hook are different than yarn crochet.

Understanding Thread Sizes

Crochet thread comes in sizes 3 through 100. Some of these sizes can be close to traditional yarn and some are closer to sewing thread. One of the most crucial things to remember with crochet thread is that the higher the number, the thinner the thread. This is the opposite of traditional yarn sizing where as when the number goes up so does the size of the yarn. For example, size 20 is much thinner than size 3 or 10. This can trick the mind a bit, but once you get the hang of it you'll be okay.

Some of the most common thread sizes are sizes 3, 5, 10, 20, and 30. Sizes 3 and 5 crochet thread can be comparable in thickness to a lightweight yarn. These are often the easiest to start with when transitioning to crochet thread. Sizes 20 or 30 might be best to save for when you've honed your crochet thread talents. 

Thread sizes are fairly universal from brand to brand except for Pearl thread. This type of thread has a unique numbering system. The thread is softer, glossier, and almost silk-like. This type of thread is available in sizes 3, 5, and 8. If a pattern calls for pearl thread you will want to use this type to ensure the correct size for the finished product.

Selecting the Proper Hook

Crochet hooks can be divided into two categories: yarn crochet hooks and steel crochet hooks for threads or lace-weight yarns. Steel crochet hooks are most commonly used while working with thread crochet (these are sometimes referred to as "thread hooks''). These hooks have a different numbering system just like the crochet thread mentioned above. While they are similar to crochet hooks, they come in much smaller sizes which are desirable for the thinner thread used. Just like the thread, the larger the, number the smaller the hook size. For example, a US size 8 (1.5 mm) is larger than a US size 10 (1.3 mm) hook. Most steel crochet hooks also have the millimeter (mm) size listed, making it easy to tell which is the smaller hook.
Always begin your project with the hook size that is called for, then, depending on your gauge and comfort level, make adjustments as needed.

Look at the conversion chart when selecting the proper steel crochet hook for your project.





How to Make Sure the Hook and Thread are the Correct Size

Just like traditional crochet, make sure to check the gauge before starting any pattern. Gauge swatches can be utilized and compared to the pattern's requirements. Start with the suggested hook and thread sizes and make adjustments as needed. 

If you find that your gauge swatch is larger than the pattern calls for, try using a smaller hook or a thinner thread. If you find that it is smaller, try using a larger hook or a thicker thread. 

Hook and Thread pairings

Below is a table outline the best hook sizes to use with different types of threads. The US, UK, and metric sizes are included. mm = millimeter.

Crochet Thread Basics


Where to Start

There are endless possibilities of what you can make with crochet thread! Here are some different patterns togged you started!

crochet thread basicsCrochet thread dollies: Check out this fun free pattern for a doily by: yarnspirations. This can be added to a table to add some beauty to your spread. Aunt Lydia’s Boho Nights Doily is beginner friendly. This pattern uses size 10 thread and US size 1 (2.75mm) hook. Link: Aunt Lydia’s Boho Nights Doily


Crochet thread jewelry: Check out this free pattern for earrings by: crochet thread basics yarnspirations. Can be done in any color of your choosing and provide your look with a fun flair! Aunt Lydia’s Petal Pop Crochet Earrings is beginner friendly. This pattern uses size 10 thread and US size 2 hook (2.25 mm) hook. Link: Aunt Lydia’s Petal Pop Crochet Earrings


crochet thread basicsCrochet thread bookmark: Check out this free pattern for a bookmark by: lacy crochet. Instead of using a old paper bookmark or folding your pages, you can use this unique pattern to help mark the spot in your favorite book. Crochet leaf bookmark is beginner friendly. This pattern uses size 10 thread and US size 5 (1.9mm) hook. Link: Crochet leaf bookmark 

Crochet thread edging and borders


Crochet thread edging and borders: Check out this lovely free pattern for edging and borders by: yarnspirations. This can be added to any project you want including hankies and tea towels. Red Hearts Happy Tears Hanky takes an intermediate skill level. This pattern uses size 10 thread and US size 4 (2.0mm) hook. Link: Red Hearts Happy Tears Hanky 

Crochet thread vintage bonnet - crochet thread basicsCrochet thread vintage bonnet: Check out this darling  free patterns for a vintage baby bonnet by: kirstenhollowaydesigns. This pattern takes an advance skill and may be good to bookmark for later. The Victoria Rose Vintage Style Baby Bonnet uses size 10 thread and US size 8 (1.5mm) hook. Link: Victoria Rose Vintage Style Baby Bonnet

Crochet thread bracelet


Crochet thread bracelet: Check out this free pattern for a cute heart crochet thread bracelet by: bluestarcrochet. This bracelet can be a sweet add to any outfit. The Crochet Heart Bracelet uses size 10 thread and US size 4 (2.0mm) hook. Link: Crochet Heart Bracelet 


Time to start!

So what are you waiting for? Now you have the knowledge that you need to confidently select your hook and thread for the pattern of your choosing. So go grab your hook and give crochet thread a try!

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