Cute, Easy and Free Patterns for Preemie Babies

Cute, Easy and Free Patterns for Preemie Babies

Every mother desires to give birth to a healthy child after nine months of pregnancy. No mother expects to give birth to a premature baby. Before the expected nine-month due date, they must go shopping for newborn clothes and make adequate preparations.

Now you can imagine what a mother goes through after giving birth to a premature baby. However, there is something you can do to put a big smile on the face of such a mother. You can pick up those needles, make beautiful patterns for hats, booties and blankets, and gift them to her.

But first, let us take a look at the things preemie babies need in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

What Do Preemie Babies Need in the NICU?

Unlike with other babies, knitting or crocheting for preemies comes with many considerations. These fragile and lovely babies have special needs that you should think about before creating a project for them. The following pointers will be helpful:

  • Preemies have thinner, delicate and vulnerable skin. Therefore, the yarn should be very soft, warm, washable and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction (hypoallergenic).
  • Using superwash wool (that has gone through a chemical treatment to make it machine washable and dryable) is not a good idea since some preemies are sensitive to it. You do not want to give a mother a gift that would harm her baby, do you? So, it is better to go for cotton, acrylic and similar soft yarns.
  • The most commonly requested and needed items in the NICU are hats, booties and blankets.
  • Sweaters are not that useful in the hospital because of all the wiring connected to the baby. However, babies can wear sweaters once they leave the hospital. Therefore, you should consider making newborn-sized patterns.
  • Diaper coverings are also a good option, especially for micro-preemies who can only wear a hat and a diaper.

Free Knitting Patterns for Preemie Babies

Baby Bear Hat: This is a cute little hat with bear ears. You can make this lovely knitting pattern for a mother who just had a special premature baby. The Baby Bear pattern is not only for preemies either. You can also make this soft and cozy pattern for non-preemie babies.

free knitting patterns for preemie baby caps


Elephant Lovie Blanket: This Elephant Lovie blanket serves as a multi-purpose blanket. It is a cute half-plushie, half-blanket, and is a great way to mix playtime and naptime. Not only will it keep the preemie baby warm, it will also serve as an adorable toy once the baby grows up.

free knitting patterns for preemie baby caps

No Button Baby Booties: If you want to knit a simple, quick bootie for a preemie, you can go for the No Button baby bootie pattern. This adorable baby bootie pair has no buttons or closures to bother you! And since you can knit it up so fast, why not make as many as possible? You can even use other colors of your choice! 

Snapdragon Soaker: Whether the mother prefers cloth or disposable diapers for her preemie baby, a Snapdragon Soaker is a perfect gift for her to cover up her baby. One beautiful thing about this pattern is that it is suitable and pretty easy for all knitters (from beginners to experts). You can equally use the Snapdragon Soaker pattern for charity.

Presto! Preemie Hat: This pattern involves alternating and merging stockinette ridges. In addition to the stretchiness of this pattern, the hat can expand as the head of the baby grows. To achieve this, draw it a little longer as the head enlarges or squeeze it shorter if the head is smaller.

Buttons and Bows Baby Booties Pattern: You can knit beautiful preemie baby booties fast without making them look boring! The Buttons and Bows Baby Booties pattern is one of the best patterns around. A simple bootie with a folded cuff is easy to make, and a beautiful button or bow adds the finishing touch. In these booties, babies will be kicking their feet with happiness and enjoy the warmth they provide.


Free and Adorable Crochet Patterns for Preemie Babies

CrissCross Preemie Pants: The adorable patterns of these tiny pants consist of alternating rows of cross stitches and Half Double Crochet (HDC). This may look like a challenging task, but it is not. The repetition and the stitch are so easy to remember. 

The Elijah Beanie: This pattern includes cute small ear flaps and a striped granny stitch. You can create this pattern with or without ties. The two rounds of color produce a zigzag pattern that adds to the beanie’s cuteness. This one would look fantastic in any color!

Free and Adorable Crochet Patterns for Preemie Babies


Soaker: This pattern is for crocheted pull-on diaper soakers. You can make this pattern in different sizes, from preemies to other babies. It has ribbing in the legs and waistband, a drawstring waist and rounded crochet with 100 percent worsted weight yarn. However, you can finish this pattern without ribbing if you like.

Textured Beanie: Both preemie and non-preemie babies will look cute in a textured beanie pattern. If you are making this pattern for a preemie baby, you can use acrylic. But using a cotton yarn brings out the texture of this pattern and makes it look so beautiful. Just make a choice and knit away.

Bitty Baby Beanie or Preemie Beanie: To make this beautiful pattern, you have to hold two strands of yarn together as one. An N crochet hook and a worsted weight yarn are recommended. Another sweet feature of this beanie is its suitability for preemie babies and dolls. 
Sharon's Preemie Afghan: The beautiful eyelet stitches and a lovely ribbon border make this pattern adorable. It is a simple pattern but a beautiful design with a traditional feel. The blanket can serve as a family heirloom to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Free and Adorable Crochet Patterns for Preemie Babies

Premature or not, bringing a baby into this world should be exciting. So why not try these patterns to create gifts that will delight the baby and the mother? Giving out any of these beautiful knitted or crocheted projects would mean a lot to any mother.

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