Where to Find Free Patterns to Show Your Team Spirt?

Where to Find Free Patterns to Show Your Team Spirt?

Part of the fun of the game day is dressing up to show off your team spirit and your team colors. And what better way to do that than through projects you made yourself or made for others!
Where to Find Free Patterns to Show Your Team Spirt?

Finding free patterns
The internet is full of free knitting and crochet patterns, but not all of them are error-free. Knowing how to choose the best patterns is, therefore, a great skill to have.

Read this blog post about the best way to choose a free pattern to make.

Here are some places where you can find good quality free patterns:
● Lovecrafts: Though not just for knitting and crochet, there are a lot of great patterns on this happy, colorful site. Let your team spirit shine!
● Drops Design/Garnstudio: With over 12 000 patterns, Garnstudio.com is definitely a go-to when you’re in search of a new, free pattern of high quality.
● All Free Knitting: Just like the name says, this site contains hundreds of patterns that are free. Browse to your heart’s content — it’s almost too difficult to choose which to make!
● Ravelry: Sometimes described as “Facebook for knitters and crocheters”, there are many free patterns available on the site that is perfect to show off your team spirit.
Of course, finding a pattern in your team’s colors or with your team’s name can be very tricky. That’s why it’s good to know how to adapt a pattern to show support for a specific team.

How to adapt a pattern to your team
If you have a look at the patterns on KnitPal, you’ll see that they’re all made up of two colors. This is because sports teams — more often than not — have two colors that are considered team colors.

Step 1: Choosing your colors
If you have a look at all the Team Spirit Yarn colors that are available, you’ll see that some of the colors appear very close to each other.
This is because teams which, for example, choose yellow or gold, choose a specific Pantone color for their team. KnitPal’s yarn is then dyed that specific Pantone color.
● To make choosing your colors easier, you can simply go onto the drop-down menu for “Team Spirit Yarn” and choose “yarn”.
● Once the page with all the yarn opens, click on the drop-down menu “Browse” and you’ll see all the teams’ names appear.
● Click on your favorite team and the perfectly matched yarn will show on the screen.
See? No wasting time finding that perfect Team Spirit color match!

Step 2: Changing the colors on the pattern
When you’re looking to adapt a pattern, it’s easy to use a KnitPal Team Spirit pattern as example. If your team’s colors are not blue and yellow, but rather purple and gold, for example, you would replace blue with purple and yellow with gold.
● It’s always a good idea to write on the pattern you’re using which colors will be used in the pattern and wherein the pattern you’ll use that color.
● For example, if you make “color A” to be purple and “color B” to be gold, you can write on the pattern which color (A or B) you’re using in which rounds.
● If you have a color photo of the finished project, you can also note on the photo which color will replace those on the photo.
This will make it not only easier to follow the pattern, but also quicker. Writing down which color is which before you start the pattern will also help as you won’t have to page back and forth to find out which color you should be working with at that moment.

Top tip! Making notes on the pattern before you start will make it a lot easier to follow the pattern if you’re busy knitting or crocheting while watching the game.

Now that you know exactly how to make patterns match your team, it’s time to have fun and choose a pattern!

Ideas of easy patterns to show off your team spirit
If you’re completely new to knitting and crochet — or you simply want to get used to working with the KnitPal luxury yarn before tackling one of the bigger projects, you can have a look at one of the patterns listed below.
Not only are these patterns easy to make, but they are also quick makes that give your everyday outfit or decor a nod to your favorite team.

Small projects and easy makes
● “Basic beginner hats for the family” — Want to practice your hat knitting skills? Then this is the perfect project!
● “Team Spirit Headband” — Don’t feel like wearing a hat, but still want to show your team spirit? Try a headband.

For those who are ready for a bigger, more challenging project
● “Side Striped Poncho” — This poncho is perfect for those who want to crochet a bigger project.
● “Striped Hoodie” — Let the whole family show off their team spirit by substituting the pinks with your team colors!

For celebrating at home
● “Team Spirit Slipper Socks” — A wonderful alternative for wearing at home. Show your team spirit from head to toe!

Specially made for the stadium
● “Stadium Seat Cushion” — Goodbye cold bleachers!
● “Striped Fingerless Mitts” — Keep your hands nice and warm (and your fingers free to work on your next project!).

Still not sure where to start? Why not try one of KnitPal’s knitting kits? Your game day look — sorted!


** Additional free team spirit patterns*

Team Spirit Fingerless Gloves


Team Spirit Scarf


Team Spirit Headband


Team Spirit Slipper Socks


Team Spirit Hat


Stadium Lapghan






Casey Morris

Bought a kit for Michigan stadium blanket a few years ago. Now I am looking for a kit for Clemson don’t see the kit and pattern anywhere on your site. Please let me know. I did buy several additional yanks as I made the blanket a lilies bigger. I hope to do the same. Thank you

Casey Morris

I’ve looked for a drop down menu with “Team Spirit Yarn”, and I have not been able to find it. Can you help me please? Tennessee orange is a hard color to find.

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